Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're on our way!

We got our audition appointments for DS for the Art Highschool. It is very exciting & such a relief that the paperwork (mainly the 'report card') went through ok.

I was excited & wanted to call & TELL, but the person that I KNEW would be so excited for & with us I couldn't call.... that would be my mom. The thought brought immediate tears to my eyes. I know she would have been so excited w/ me & for lil E & would have told all her friends @ work ALL about it. lol

His auditions are in a week & a half. He needs to learn a monologue for the integrated arts audition. I knew this & he could have been preparing all this time BUT I couldn't find a good monologue book @ the library so I had to request it & we were able to get it just today.

For the visual arts audition, he needs to get a portfolio together of his artwork for the past 2 years & then he will also do 3 art excercises within 1.5 hours. Both appointments are set for the last week of the month.

In unrelated news....another 'non-emergency event' for one of my littles. (should I buy stock in band-aids, medical super glue or sutures? lol) L busted her chin open (again) @ the play area of the mall the other day. Right next to her scar of a previous chin bust when she was younger.(S has had the same injury & scar as do I) Last time, I think we took her to the ER where they applied the super glue {to the tune of $400}....this time, I gave her a baby wipe & had her hold it in place. It didn't bleed too much.

I entertained the idea of getting the OTC glue sticks from Target ($14.99, we used them when the same injury happened to S) but by the time they were done playing....just figured: aahhhh forget it! What's another scar right?

She still won't let me touch her ear & there is now a 'bump' on the side. Hard to explain but I think it is where I pulled a suture out a WEEK & a half later. (of having them 'removed') I KNEW there were still sutures in here ear that the doctor had missed EVEN THOUGH he assured me he had gotten them all out. There were 2 that I could see & had to pull out. I am worried there may be another one that I could not see. And although it is BARELY noticeable, that ear does look slightly 'bigger' in a swollen but not red way. {sigh}

She is due for her pre-k shots anyway (so NOT looking forward to that!) so I figure I should make her appointment early & mention the ear to the doc to take a look @ then. Maybe next week. {sigh}

Other useless news: I found this cool site for female running wear, According to the site, all I need is a running skirt to feel cuter, hipper, cooler, more comfortable & probably even faster! I ordered one! {blush} They had free shipping on green ones if you order before St. Patrick's day. lol They DO look comfy though. & hey...why NOT dress like a girl even while running hanh? Oh! & btw....38:01 the other day! I've shaved off quite a few minutes for my 5k time.

I read that the national average for women 5k runners is 32 something minutes? I've got a ways to go. And for my October race goal, the stats from last year's race are in.....whoa....I've got a LONG way to go if I want to feel 'competitive'. kwim?

My goal this next week is to up my running to 5 miles a run. I think I can do it, I just need to keep a steady pace. :)


  1. Hey kid, I know I'm nowhere near your Mom but I am SOOO excited and proud of lil E!! I will tell everyone I know!! I remember when you were so young and your mom was soooo proud of you!!

  2. Well congrats to your son!! I am sure your Mom is very proud and shouting it all over heaven.

    My son finished LPN school and said SuperGlue is just as good in many cases as the stitches are. That's really all a liquid bandaid is.

    Hooray for your running....

    May God continue to bless you.

    :-) Susan


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