Thursday, March 1, 2007

Honorable Mention!

That is what ds science team won!

They didn't get the trip to the British Virgin Islands, they aren't going to Catalina either.

They judges DID call their team "dynamic". They were the first team award given. THey judges said they were able to incorporate their love of robots into their project & really stood out. It was so flattering & I was so proud. I think "dynamic" is a very accurate word to describe their team!

They were awarded a $150 team award, beanies from teh marine institute & a "travel mug" that was made from plastic recycled from CORN? THey all thought that was the coolest thing! Plus a really cool quiksilver t-shirt.

The event took place @ Quiksilver headwuarters, which is a really cool building & looks like a great place to work. It also included dinner: fresh hamburgers (which were absolutely yummyliscious), chips, salads ect.

There were 2 divisions: highschool & middle school. (& each division offered the 2 major trip awards, each) You could see how the teams that won really deserved to win. Everyone had really great projects. I am really so proud of the team & my ds.

I think his 8th grade year has been a really memorable one & he has been able to experience opportunites that I am happy for. I don't want to get emotional.....but.....thinking right now, I can really see how he has grown & flourished this year. Yes, he is still way behind in algebra....he may never catch up! lol And he may not ever 'enjoy' it, nor will it be his strength. But I don't even feel guilty about that. I refuse to feel bad when there are so many other strengths he has & he has been able to use them in small ways this year & really flourish. IT makes me excited about what is to come for him in the next few years as he grows into adulthood.

I don't understand why our 'teacher' can't seem to understand that....but that may just be her ignorance of home-educating. Whatever. I don't care. *I've* had fun this year!!!! :D

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  1. Glad they had a good time. It's hard not getting the top prize, but it does sound like they learned a lot.

    Have a great week.

    :-) Susan


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