Saturday, March 17, 2007

It takes Faith to DIE.

It seems to me that the moment that takes the most faith is not always to LIVE a "Christian Life" but rather to DIE one.

As we live, there are people to tell us things will get better, we can hear assurances from God, gain encouragement & wisdom from those who may have experienced what we have, when times are rough. It gives us comfort, calm & peace.

But as that moment of death approaches, NO ONE can tell us what lay on the 'other side'. No one IRL has returned to say, "I've been there." or "This is what you will experience." Only Christ, whom we have not met in his human form!

You must step over, alone, to face whatever will come.

Yes, God is w/ you. But that is my point, only YOU, alone, can have your death.

You must take it on Faith that everything you have read in God's Word, all you have been taught & professed to believe, are TRUE.

We don't always know our time is near. Many die unexpected deaths every second...some are blessed to have an 'idea' that the end is nearer than it was yesterday, as in the case of a terminal illness. I don't know how much control the human soul has either of releasing thier spirit....but in those cases, where death is iminent & it's coming is known....would you have the faith to DIE?

Would I?

I think it might be the ultimate 'test'. Will I be willing to submissively give my LIFE over to the unknown, based only a words of promise? Can I do it?

It does not need to wait until I KNOW I am dyING. AM I willing to have that mad faith even now? DO I?

It is one thing to profess faith when we are living our life as we have 'chosen'. Even if I am praying for "God's will" in my life I willing to pray for God's will to my DEATH?

Am I willing to DIE? Do I have the faith to Die, right now? Or can I profess Faith ONLY because I don't really believe I might die tomorrow.

I think it is in the distant future. Sure, I will die 'someday'. Am I willing to turn my body over to Christ fully as one who would accept a death sentence tomorrow? or today? Am I ready RIGHT NOW? Would I be @ peace w/ mortal news?

OR would I say...sure BUT I'd be sad for my children, family...sure BUT there is so much more I want to do...sure BUT I need to plan, prepare...sure BUT I need to get things in order...sure BUT...sure BUT...sure BUT...

There is no BUT. Either I am or I am not.

Because if God was calling me RIGHT THIS moment or 6 mos from I not believe GOD, in His infinite wisdom, would take care of my family, would consider my 'work' here done, would expect me to already be prepared? OR would I fight, would I resist, hold on, be afraid because *I* am not ready because I actually doubt what is written in God's word?

I think it takes ALOT of faith to DIE. You must trust, as fully as never before, that God's Word is true. I do believe it is the ultimate test of Faith.

I hope I can pass that test when the time comes.

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