Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm getting faster but I wish my world would slow down.

Time today: 37:35-5k + a cool down walking mile

I ordered a running skirt last week & I can NOT wait to get it. The site has me convinced I will be more comfortable, look cuter & be an overall better runner if I wear one! lolololololol

I hope it actually fits. The site recommends sizes based on your waist size. Funny thing w/ me though, is: I have a rather slim waist, especially compared to my bottom half. Think pear. And ironically, since I've started 'running', my jeans, in the seat & thigh area have only gotten tighter! yikes!

Not cool for someone who has ALWAYS been sort of made fun of for my bottom half. I've learned to live w/ it....but you know? We all have our insecurities & body issues...but whatever.

I am excited.

I have been thinking my last 2 runs I would run 5 miles. I want too. I want to run a steady pace of 5 miles & gradually increase. SO hasn't happened. On Friday I ran 4 miles...very slowly, in my attempt to maintain a steady pace.....skipped 2 days then went for it today.

Again...for no reason I stopped after 3.1 mi/5k & only walked the last mile as a cool down w/ youngest ds & the doggy. {sigh} I'm lazy, what can I say? But I did feel really, really good. Not over fatigued or sore, just good.

Another benefit of this whole running adventure---> our dog is getting walked way more than ever. Well we never really walked her before. She is an outdoor dog & we let her in the laundry room to sleep. She looks like a daschund mostly but I think she mixed w/ a chihauha & a daschund. Now I take her on my warm up walk around the block & my cool down walk. or more of my littles usually goes w/ me. (oldest will run w/ me occasionally if there is someone else available to watch the littles) Lately it is usually my middle little, S, who is in 1st grade. He will usually hop up & get ready right away when I ask if anyone wants to go w/ me. He prefers to hold the leash & walk the dog is why. I really try to give him my attention on these walks & even if they seem mundane, I hold them as dear & special in my heart. I encourage conversation & then just listen. I think this will build a foundation for deeper conversations in the future.

Right now, the topics usually cover his favorite super heros...& the movies he wants to see that are about super heroes. lol He is very well trained to stop @ the end of a block if he is ahead of me (he likes to practice his 'running' occasionally) & then he instinctively will grab my arm or hand to cross the street. Sometimes he does not let go.....I tried to sensitively tell him I was hot & my arm was getting sweaty (I think it was his palm, actually) today. W/o missing a beat, as I shook his hand off my arm, he grabbed my hand instead. Problem solved. lolololol

I know if I 'shake him off' now, I will regret the disconnection between us later. So I force myself to continue to pay attention to him, invite him & tell him how much I enjoy our walks together, how proud of him I am, what a good helper he is becoming, what a smart boy he is & how maybe, someday he might run a race too. And I hold his hand as long as he wants. :-)


  1. It's so important to MAKE the time with them, isn't it?? I'm so glad this is going so well for you. Bask in your deserve it.

    :-) Susan

  2. Katy, you are such a good mom. Somehow I knew years ago when you were such a neat teen that you would make a fantastic mom! I'm proud of you


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