Thursday, April 19, 2007

1st time for everything

I was on my way home from a last minute grocery trip for tomorrow (Lego Land). DH called me real quick regarding FIL car that is for sale.

As I am hanging up w/ him & am getting ready to make a right turn, I see a couple cars stopped on the side of the road, one is getting a ticket. I think lil E asked: is that a cop? I notice a motorcycle cop behind me w/ a blue light flashing.

I'm he pulling me OVER? I really had no idea, since I've never been pulled over before. SO I make my right turn & I'm like, hmmm? jic I'll turn into this parking lot & pretend like I'm going to the store & see if he follows me.

Yep! He sure did. The ktbunch were dead silent! I was so nervous. I roll down my window & he asks, in a business tone, to see my driver's license. Asks if the car is registered under my name. Yes, & my husbands. Tells me I was going 49 in a 35 zone! EEEEKKKK! Asks me what year my car is...2006? or 2005? 2004? I think.

I'm doing a mental check as to what year I am currently in! I honestly have NO idea how fast I was going. I truly was not paying attention.

He kinda laughs & his tone changes. He asks me if I usually drive down that way. I told him yah, I was just on my way home from the grocery store, we're going on a trip tomorrow. He kinda rolls his eyes & laughs & says, I wish I were going on a trip tomorrow. I'm like: sorry....

He just kept his flashlight on my lisence. Then he nicely said: 'ok, watch your speed please.' & handed me my lisence back.


I said a prayer of thanks for that grace & slowly headed home, I was only a main street away.


  1. glad that he didn't give you the ticket. I had ONE nice cop like that for an expired tag once...

    Have a SAFE trip!!

    :-) Susan

  2. Man - good for you! I know that was scary - my heart always drop out of my chest when I see those lights.

    Glad you are okay!


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