Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another MIS-adventure?

I'm taking a ROAD TRIP! Which is truly amusing cause I don't really like driving, especially freeways. (which I know is ridiculous in LA) But I am gonna do it, I am.

My cousin is getting married, he lives in I am going to drive all the way there...WITH the ktbunch in tow. Then I am going to drive further North to see my best friend from Highschool in WA.

The fun part? I will NOT be rushing. We will take our time, pick up an e-friend along the way, stop & camp in the Redwoods, then arrive in OR to spend time w/ my aunt & get ready for my cousin's 'big day'. After that, go visit another e-friend on the way to see my HS friend, then head on back down & continue to take our time, see more sights & camp a night on our way home.

I am thinking the trip will take about 5 nights. Possibly 4.

I remember when I was little, my parents driving up to OR a few times to visit my auntie. One of those times we didn't drive straight through...we took the scenic route & saw the Redwoods. I clearly remember the 'drive-through-tree' & the GIANT statue of Paul Bunyun & his big blue ox.

I am looking forward to creating some of those same memories w/ my ktbunch.

The other things is: adventure, plain & simple. You're never too old for adventure...& if you are, I plan to prove it wrong.

Life IS adventure.

If you're not on an adventure, you must not be living.
Never too old to learn or try something new.

Am I nervous? Sure. AND excited! I've NEVER driven like that before! lol But I won't let fear or anything else keep me from DOING. (that's not a typo, btw) I'm a smart girl, we'll be ok.

Life is for the living.

I've got some planning to do. ;-)

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  1. Well...I think that sounds so fun. Are you gonna stop and see Paul and Lori? I'll be praying for your adventure and those memories...take lots of photos and you can make a memory book when you get back.


    :-) Susan


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