Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Nature Center

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We decided to mix it up a bit w/ our mom's group. We were/are outgrowing the height limit @ the play area @ the mall so this week we went to the local nature center. It was nice.

It was also extra nice since most of our school age children were all on spring break @ the same time. The weather was perfect. Whoever wanted to, made 'nature books'. I am hoping we can hit a different nature center each week.

It was a bit crowded since many other kids were also on spring break & were enjoying the nature center too. We did get to see more 'wildlife' than usual & were caught by surprise by a snake slithering it's way right across the trail.

The dad w/ us said "It's just a gopher snake." To which we responded: "To YOU it's 'just a gopher snake' to us, it's a SNAKE!!!!" lol

We ate a picnic lunch afterwards & then went inside to the touch museaum. They have lots of bones, furs & snake skins to touch. Specimens to check out, animal xrays & lots of other really neat stuff. Best of all, it's free, you just pay $4 for parking. ;) I'm hoping one of these days the ktbunch & I will be up to riding our bikes all the way there.

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  1. WAY WAY COOL!! Let us know what nature center you guys pick next time. That's one of the Zoo's favorite places to go! And much easier to meet up with the group since it isn't at the mall. (Plus, it is easier to classify as a fieldtrip.. lol)


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