Tuesday, April 10, 2007


ANOTHER trip to the ER! If I did NOT have pix you probably would NOT believe me! ONLY MY child could get hurt & warrant a trip to the ER while SITTING watching tv!!!!!

I wish the pic wasn't so blurry. Her VERY first trip to the ER EVER was for the same cut in the same place (about 2-2.5 years ago)....but smaller & they put glue. A few weeks ago, @ the mall play area, she hit it on a foam toy & split it open again, but only a little, so I didn't do anything about it. Last night she was laying on the floor playing, somehow slipped & BAM! chin to the hard wood floor & I KNEW this one required a visit to the ER for stitches!!!!!

It was long & DEEP! The doc gave 4 stitches, kept commenting how there's GONNA be scarring---yah I know, I told you, this is the THIRD time it's happened! {sigh}

Urgent care closes @ 8:30 pm...so we had to SIT in the ER waiting room forever.....hours of waiting. I got there around 9:15-9:20pm......got home @ exactly 1:55 AM!

This one went a bit better than the ear....they numbed it BEFORE injecting the numbing syringe...but it still hurt a bit but after that, then not so much. It was momma trauma watching the guy insert the needle & sew it shut---UGH! I FORCED myself to watch as much as I could...figured if SHE had to go through it, least I could do was hold her hand and watch....but SQUEEEEEEEE......it was FREAKY! let me tell you.

SO L is totally beating my boys, combined, in ER/hospital visits!

Oh...funny thing...AS SOON AS IT happened, I thought she was just hurt, not gashed, & then when I saw it, she was crying, I was calm & my first thought was: Where's the CAMERA? lol

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  1. I had to laugh at getting the camera...I did that with DS 4 when we went to ER cause I was scrapbooking and I KNEW it would make a GREAT page!

    I'm sorry that happened. Looks like she was a trooper about it. That's a good thing.


    :-) Susan


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