Sunday, April 29, 2007

Road Trippin'! (intro)

It's been amazing......if DH wasn't @ home...I don't know if I'd EVER want to come back. I am totally serious!

I missed a freeway exit tonight, so we ended up staying in WA w/ a friend from highschool tonight. It was VERY gracious of her to offer. Plus...she's letting me use her puter & net access. :D We drove through 2 states today. lol

Our trip started out 4 hours behind schedule...but it was ok. There were quite a few fun adventurous moments on our first leg of the trip & I can't wait to blog them all. The drive up the coast is very beautiful....even if extremely winding. I might have calluses from gripping the steering wheel so tight for 2 days straight. It is AMAZING to see FOREST growing right along side the BEACH!

Here are a few numbers to toss around:
4=hours we left behind schedule on day 1
2=number of tents we brought
1=number of tents we used
65=number of bridges we crossed on day 2
8=hours of driving we did on day 1
12=hours of driving we did on day 2
12 midnight=time we arrived in OR on day 2
5=number of cemetaries we passed before we got to OR

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  1. Sounds fun. I can't wait to see the pictures!! I can't believe that you counted the bridges.


    :-) Susan


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