Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Road Trippin'-Day 1 Thursday-4/26

We had planned to leave @ 5am.....But my friend's DH got lost on the way to our house & that took him about an hour out of the way, (equalling 2 hours delay). I wasn't too bothered cause that meant I got to sleep in longer.

I thought we'd be able to quickly pack up as soon as they arrived....nope. I bought a roof luggage thingy but it was hard to figure once they was still another 2 hours before we hit the road. Totally a 4 hour delay.

We were finally on our way...the 5 freeway was our 5th freeway. lol That part of the drive wasn't too fun. I had bought a roof luggage didn't hold up very well & we had to stop midway to put it IN the car. Not much room for it. We had to put it across E's seat...he had to sit on it w/ his head touching the cieling the rest of the way. Once we hit the CA 1---it was beautiful! Beaches & forests, lots of cattle (cows & sheep). Yes, even cows get ocean views.

We arrived @ our campground, Fort Ross State Park, Reef Campground. We passed it but I saw it & made a quick u-turn. We were so excited. The ranger was very helpful. The campground was fairly deserted w/ just few older campers. The sites were lush w/ greenery & the beach was right behind it! I couldn't believe it. Where we live, the beaches are flat & open.

Upon entereing the park there was a 10mph sign & deer crossing sign. A deer welcomed us by darting across the road. It had very large antlers & the ktbunch were excited to see a 'reindeer' this time of year. ;-)

We took a short walk down to the beach...on our way back we were startled when we heard what sounded like someone was chopping down trees. As we turned the corner a large deer w/ large antlers came bounding out of the brush & across the parking lot very quickly. It was dusk & I could not tell if there were 2 or one. Needless to say we walked very close together back to our campsite.

Lil E, S & I tried to start the fire while my friend, her ds & L were in the tent. I heard a noise in the brush behind lil e & started to feel nervous since it was very dark by now. Then I heard a growlish bark noise. It wasn't a normal dog type of growl or a growl I'd ever heard before. I said: E, E! & he came to my side of the fire ring. We were all afraid. I stamped my foot & yelled HEY! To try & intimidate whatever it was.

I yelled calmly for my friend Cali to unzip the tent....quickly! We forged a quick plan that consisted of both of us holding onto S's arms then making a mad dash to the tent. It was only a few seconds before I whispered 1, 2, 3, GO! I had a death grip on S arm & we ran as fast as we could. I practically threw S into the tent.

I was so scared, I was shaking! Our adventure had definitley begun! Except all our food was in the car & we hadn't eaten yet. I was no longer hungry. Since Cali had not heard any noise, she was not scared & was willing to go back out to the car to get our stuff. Her & E took the very bright lantern & headed back out.

They heard a frog, nbd...but then they heard some footsteps in the creek behind them, opposite side of where we heard the growling from, then the animal splashed or began drinking from the creek. They jumped in the car as fast as they could & hung out there for awhile. lol I played my guitar & sang a few songs to take my mind off & to drown out any other mysterious noises I might hear outside the tent.

Eventually they came out & we all headed out together to start the fire & roast weenies. There would be no cozy roasting of marshmallows though. We all wanted to get in the tent as quickly as possible.

There were alot more mosquitos then I expected too. There was no electricity, I did not expect that. I could not inflate our air mattress. Bummer. The ground was very hard & I barely slept a wink. Plus I dreamt that L was batted by a bear! I couldn't wait till morning.

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  1. Very fun. You all are making memories. Thanks for sharing.

    :-) susan


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