Monday, May 7, 2007

80 degrees?

Yah, so the day I decide I'm going to try a new route, w/ a hill & run @ least 5 miles....its' 80 degrees BEFORE 9am????



I ran a mile, realized it was WAY too hot to do this & be healthy. lol I alternated walking & running. I ran/jogged up the hill....all the way to one of our favorite parks, near DH job actually. Got some water from the drinking fountain...noticed my hands were swelling, not a good sign.

A sign of dehydration. :( (or adequate hydration w/ a lack of sodium)

I ran down the hill & a bit further & then called my neighbor to come & get me. I did not have time to walk all the way back.....I kept walking until we met. lol By that time it was 86 degrees!

Early evening looks like a better time to go if this keeps up. Whew!

I AM motivated though....Runner's World Magazine has that affect. lol Plus @ the gym the other day, on the treadmill...5mph & 5.5 mph felt SO slow to me! I was excited. I was running 6-6.5 mph @ a good pace & bit of challenge & even did 7mph for a while. It's exciting to feel the differences.


  1. Oh, man.. it was H-O-T, yesterday! Yikes, it is only May. LOL! We are off to get pick up another fan this morning.

    Good job on the running!!!

  2. 80 degree weather is no fun to run in. Glad you're still going strong though.


    :-) Susan


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