Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Road Trippin Day 6--going home

We finally said goodbye, Tuesday morning....& were on our way. We had to make a slight change of plans & instead of taking the 'scenic' route home & camping...we had to drive straight through. I wasn't looking forward to a 13 hour drive along the ugly I tried to make a few itneresting stops @ least.

Right before we left OR...we saw a sign from the freeway: Pioneer Museum. We pulled off & followed more signs...we were in Brownsville in Linn County. We found this museum that looked rather small but packed quite a punch! It was amazing...they had so many artifacts & recreated pioneer storefronts & displays, including, 1 of the 3 remaining, original wagons used in crossing the west. The ktbunch & I loved it.

We took a rest & stretch break in Weed, CA. We didn't realize till we were about to leave that it contained some mysterious 'rock circles'. I can't find info online....but the land in that spot has cirlces of grass surrounded by rocks, perfect circles, the circles have no rocks inside them, only surrounding them. We thought it was pretty neat.

We arrived home around 1:30 am Wednesday morning.

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