Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A NEW Run...

I signed up for a FUN run! No fund raising required....just for FUN! What better place than DISNEYLAND! I am SO excited! It's a 5k....on Labor Day weekend. You can check it out here.

I didn't know that Disneyworld hosted a Half Marathon every year...& now so does Disneyland in Anaheim. You get a t-shirt for entering AND if you finish w/in a 15 min. pace mile (around 45 minutes total) you also get some 'top secret' Disney medal. lol Oh, no. I'm not running the half marathon...I'm running the 5k! lol But I would like to do that someday...or even a marathon...I totally can't believe I am even entertaining the idea. I must have completely lost it.

I can't wait.

The other night I dreamt I was running a race...IN a hospital, w/ stairs? lol & I was lost & none of the volunteers knew the path....I started crying, then eventually someone directed me & I WON! lolol As in, I was the very first finisher of the race. Then my friends finished & I was congratulating them on finishing but inside...I was thinking...*I WON!* lol

Today I saw someone from my 'business' that I hadn't seen since December (for only a few hours). She said I looked great! And of course different w/ my hair. She said it made me look younger...& she asked me how much weight I had lost. lol I had to tell her; none really...my bu++ has actually gotten bigger & my pants tighter in that area...BUT (no pun intended) I can tell my legs have gotten more tone.

Dontcha just LOVE days like that. :D

Pastor's W did the lesson for the middle schoolers tonight....she ahd them draw a picture of what htey would do or be when they grew up if $$$ was NO object.....It only took me a few moments to realize what I wanted to draw. (the leaders were included) I drew stick figures (cause unlike other people in my family...I can not draw!) of a family w/ lots of kids, our dog, a home of our own & a chicken. I don't know...I think it'd be fun to have a chicken.

So...if I could be anything I wanted to be & $$$ was no object...I'd be ME but w/ our OWN home, lots more children (& a hired cook & housekeeper) & a chicken. :D

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