Saturday, May 19, 2007

Work---what I've been doing.

I know they are hard to see....I took the pix @ the wrong time of day...anyway this was a display promoting the theatre department & the costume designer (my 'boss') put me in charge of designing it.

It's in the middle of the campus & our theatre building/costume shop is across from I had to haul dummies down stairs & climb into the giant window to create the display.

I chose the costumes, all hand made ones (by students or portions done by students)....props & put up pics ect. The 1st day (it took 2...or 3?) I was SO hot. I can't remember how many trips I made....

I was very limited in what I had to work w/ @ first too cause the designer wasn't I could not get props from the 'morgue'.(which is ALSO upstairs above the small theater) was fun...& I felt all important cause it was during registration & I was obviously NOT a student...I am SO stuck up!

I helped work on the Sgt. Pepper looking jacket (red & gold) for the production of Godspell they just did. I made a different costume but like I wrote, we wanted student work represented....

lol you can totally see me taking the pic in pic #3. lol

Oh! And I also get to play around like this!

These shirts (superman AND tattoo) are from the recent production of Godspell....they were worn by Jesus.


  1. How fun!!

    Looks nice KT. :-)

  2. looks like you've been having a great time! So creative. I'm sure American Idol fans will love the Sgt. Pepper Jacket after Kelly Clarkson and the Idol finalists reintroduced this song the other night.

    Hugs to you!!

    :-) Susan


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