Monday, June 11, 2007

I ate the last scone.

Nothing, & I mean nothing went as I planned. Not a thing! but whatever. Everyone said they had a good time & things were nice.
I threw L a tea party for her 5th birthday. Her birthday is not for a week but there were scheduling conflicts plus Father's Day. I finished her dress, that worked well. She looked like quite the princess. She is such a...just so.... flashy! She is truly a 'velvet' as I am a 'cotton'!

That frog was one of her gifts. Once she opened it, she would NOT put it down....even for pictures. I think it is knitted. I never buy those types of things cause i always think: Oh I can crochet that...which I can but never do. I need to start. It's adorable!
I found this cook book @ Michael's arts & crafts store: Pink Princess Cookbook. It's adorable! It has the cutest little recipes, perfect for tea or the princess in your life. But if you don't have a mixer....egg whites will NOT form soft peaks & you will not be able to make 'puffs'. A blender will not work either. jsyk. lol
As I was working on L's dress....& once it was finished..I could just hear mom saying: "Oh kt! It's wonderful!" And when I was disappointed about things not going as planned I could hear her say: "Oh stop! It was perfect!" (which was always ironic coming from the queen of negative self talk & perfectionism herself! lol) And consistently I heard her say: "You look beautiful & L is gorgeous!"
I tried to make the party a small intimate affair...but it soon felt 'out of control'. I didn't even get to put the decorations up! I woke up Saturday morning ahead of schedule...Sunday morning I was behind! I was embarrassed as guests began to arrive on time & I was NOT ready, nor was anything else!
My neighbor was gracious enough to allow us to use her back yard patio since it is covered. Thank goodness because the weather was nice & warm. She was impressed & we've decided we are going to throw another tea, for family only (just enough guests to fit around her one backyard table!), invite her SIL & 2 nieces & we'll use all the decoartions then.
We (my sil helped) made bracelets for all the girls using glass beads, tea & butterfly charms & gave miniature ceramic tea sets for each one so they could enjoy tea w/ thier dolly, as favors. I think the bracelets were my favorite part. The little ladies all looked so lovely & behaved wonderfully.
We began w/ a round of the song: I'm a little tea pot & ended w/ a reading of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter. That was my favorite part.
Alls well that ends well.
....& I enjoyed the last cranberry scone w/ a giant cup of my favorite peppermint tea this morning. ;D


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL dress, KT!!! You both look great! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. I think you both look wonderful...and you need to heed the voice of your Mother in your head. You look beautiful and the party was fine. It sounds like it is something she'll remember forever. Hooray for being such a creative Mom!!

    :-) Susan


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