Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I am so over driving & gas prices! My pocketbook can't take it anymore. For the same reasons I planted a garden.....I brought the bike back out. What's good for the environment just so happens to ALSO be good for my budget.

The littles are not so little & a bit too big for the trailer, but whatever. They are not steady enough on their own bikes yet for me to feel safe w/ them on the into the trailer they go.

We rode to my dad's....maybe about 6 miles. We bar-b-q'd & SIL gave us a ride back since it was dark by then.

There were 2 hills...I took a different route to avoid the really big hill, to go over a longer smaller hill. The 2nd hill was unavoidable & not so bad. It is the same way to get to work so I will also ride my bike to work from now on too.

It took 40 minutes & my family all laughed @ me when they saw me. The guitar pushed them over the edge I think....but whatever ;) The ride itself wasn't bad or too hard. The weather was conducive to riding w/ a nice cool breeze.

I also did my run this morning but only 5 k. I wanted to quit as soon as I started...told myself it was ok since I would be riding my bike later (NOT!) but I guess my legs are trained to keep going cause as I turned the corner to my house, after that first body just kept going anyway. lol I just need to train my legs to keep going to 5 miles now.


  1. Hey girl!
    Just wanted to pop in and say hello and I hope you are doing well. I read all the time but seldom comment. I'm horrible. I think it's awesome you're still running!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. You are just so dang cute! I love the guitar!!

    :-) Susan

  3. I so admire your committment to your principles...I'm praying the LORD will multiply all of the fruit of your good stewardship.


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