Sunday, July 1, 2007

He got me!

I was outside tonight watering my lawn, chit chatting w/ neighbor after church.....oldest ds kinda sneaks up behind me & hits me w/ this giant blast of air from this giant air blasting gun thingy.....

It kinda startles me so I turn around & spray him w/ the hose. We're all laughing & laughing @ him....he laughs @ first then kinda tries to sulk away.

I see middle little later & he has his coonskin hat on (from disney) & I just KNOW he's up to something & he gives this smirk cause that boy cannot keep a secret or

SO as I'm watering the other side of the lawn...they both come out & ambush me by FIRST turning off my hose then spraying me down w/ their water guns!!!! lol Brats!!!! ;-)

THEN they come out & do it AGAIN!!!! & I have NO recourse cause they are smart enough to turn OFF the hose faucet before they attack.

Oh he is SO gonna get it as soon as I can think of something GOOD!

But for now....I am going to play it 'cool' & have them shaking in thier boots & paranoid . lol kwim?

My kids are SO fun! HA! :D

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  1. What fun! You are certainly going to be a "memory makin' mama"! They'll be talking about that with their own wives and children around your dinner table someday.

    :-) Susan


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