Monday, July 2, 2007

Summer Nights

Yesterday (after the soaking incident! lol) I told ds to bring out his telescope.

It was cool to sit on the sidewalk, chit chat w/ the neighbor while she enjoyed a glass of wine (I can't seem to get used to the taste of wine), enjoy the cool night air & try to see stars.

We can't see too many from our neighborhood w/ the naked eye....but you can see many more w/ the telescope.

Tonight oldest ds brought it out again...he aimed it @ a super bright 'star' & realized, through the telelscope it was Jupiter, because you could then see it's four largest moons. We both saw meteors @ seperate times while looking through the telescope's lens, that we would not have seen otherwise.

I hope we get a chance to go camping this season & if we do, we HAVE to remember to bring the telescope. I am thinking maybe we can go in August during the annual Perseids Meteor shower...that would be SO amazing.

I LOVE summer nights....& this summer seems to be extra summery...I mean nice & warm, lately.

Today we went to the beach, where it's usually cooler & breezy. It was breezy but not much cooler @ all...I was sweating & was this close ----><---- to jumping in the water. But I was just too tired today. ;-)

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