Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just a quick minute....

Turned in my fair entries today. The girl @ the counter really liked my Christmas dress. She also told me ALL entries will be displayed...I am SO excited about that. But you don't know if you win anything unless/until you actually go to the fair & see for yourself. I don't pick up my entries until Oct. 9! Fair opens Sept 7-20? I think. Can't wait.

In other not so exciting news...I feel like this is the best summer ever...no particular reason why...but when I analyze it...I think maybe this is my emotional calm before the storm...next month will be the anniversary of my mom's diagnosis, leading to her eventual death... So maybe my physical, emotional & mental state remembers how nice & unsuspecting July was last year...but next month will be different.

I have an "e-friend" who's mother is also terminally ill & things are progresing very quickly. She has recently decided to forgo any further chemotherapy treatments because they make her too sick. reading my "e-friends" posts give me chills & make me feel physical anxiety, hard to breathe, elephant sitting on chest type of feeling & then that urge to vomit. PTSD? possibly close to it anyway.

I'm @ my dad's right now....thus the net access.

So much stress around me...but I feel alarmingly calm. lol

I got this book from the library...about training to do a triathlon in 4 hours a week & be ready by 6 weeks. I was about ready to not open it & just return it to the library early...but decided to open it & read a few pages before I did....well, that first chapter sucked me in...it is SO inspiring! The book is written for the normal person in mind...not elite athletes. So....I think I might take that up sometime soon. :D

I have so many supressed blogs...but I can't remember them right now. lol

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