Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beach Day

This summer is going so quickly...I guess it always does, doesn't it? I hadn't even been to the beach yet....We woke yesterday, I opened my front door @ 8:00am & whoa---yah---it was HOT!

We packed a lunch, slathered on the sunblock (ick) & I got my ktbunch out as fast as I could to escape the heat. The weather & temperature was gorgeous for a day in the sand. Wonderfully cooling breezes, water that was only chilly @ first. Even *I* went in, which I don't do often enough as I would like. The ktbunch brought army guys & built sand forts, then couldn't resist going in the water themselves.

Eventually, even L went in...although she didn't want *me* to take her in...she wanted her big brother! lol He was more fun because he took them deeper & lifted them up over the crashing waves. And boy were there plenty of crashing waves...E tried to get into the groove of body surfing...I remember going so far out when I was his age, past the crashing waves to the swells...then we would body surf our way back to shore. Those were the days we applied baby oil & not sunblock to our skin! eeeekk!

E would go SO far out there...@ least it seemed so far. I can't believe he is really 14.5 yo & this fall he will be in 9th grade. {sniff, sniff} I don't wonder where the time went though....because I know exactly what has is all here, a bit in my written (or typed) recollections & many more memories in my mind.

I can honestly say I have valued most days & taken very few for granted.

I truly try to savor & enjoy each & every day....even days spent hanging clothes on the clothesline....

I think of each day as special or more than special---an adventure!

Speaking of adventure...the Perseids meteor shower is fast approaching....I believe it begins Aug 12. I am hoping to be camping that night so we can get a fantastic view. We still bring our telescope out almost nightly...but our urban view is very limited. ALthough, I never tire of viewing the moon through a telescope, what amazing & beautiful creations God has designed for our viewing pleasure.

We are going camping end of August, can't wait!

If photobucket cooperates...I'll post some beach pix.

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful day at the shore. I love the beach, I just don't like the sticky feeling of the water! But I could sit out there and watch the kids play for hours.

    Have a great week.

    :-) Susan


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