Friday, July 6, 2007

What does it look like in the LIGHT?

Today, on a whim, I took the curtains down to wash them...I'd like to change them but I am not sure what to replace them w/. I love the idea of allowing more light in & using lace curtains, but I don't like the idea of outsiders being able to see in @ night if I have the lights on.

It was so bright when the curtains were off.....the entire living room looked like a completely different room, and totally cluttered. Amazing what a little light can do. It was embarrassing, really. Figure that is what our lives must look like when we shine the true light of God on it. kwim? It might look good w/o the "Light" but when you allow that Light to shine on & in your realize all the changes that need to be made & the 'clutter' that was hiding in all the dark corners.

I also decided to bless dh by straightening up his closet, removing all the empty wire hangers, & hanging up all his laundry. I despise wire hangers, they are only good for one thing---roasting marshmallows of course! I work w/ wire hangers @ work, it's icky & awful but DH has a closet full because his work clothes get dry cleaned. The whole time though, all I can think of is this scene from Mommie Dearest!

I ran again today. I wasn't as slow as I thought I would be for only having ran 2x in the last 2 weeks, each being about a week apart. (but I was riding my bike to & from work all that time) It was really hot too so I figure if I had gotten out earlier, I might have ran @ my average pace if not a bit faster. lol

I want to start taking advantage of the pool @ the gym. Not only to tone up my arms & upper body, that I never work, but also to train for a possible triathlon. I'd get killed by the swimming alone if I don't. Maybe next week.....hey, It could happen!

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