Friday, July 6, 2007

How did you bless your Husband today?

I am tired today & have a what?

My DH is tired today & is working!

Working while I can be lazy or not, swim w/ the kiddos or not, work in my garden or not. Which would you prefer? lol

So I got up off my duff & did a few things to bless my DH instead of giving into the lazy, hazy day of summer.

So how did I bless my dh today?

I put away a pile of laundry, his laundry that has been shamefully sitting in our bedroom way longer than it should have been. Hanging up his clothes led me to remove the empty wire hangers from his closet of work clothes....which led me to moving his 'nice casual' shirts into that same closet.

I plan on finishing up this bedroom & the living room tomorrow.

Sunday is his day off & I think he will feel much more relaxed, refreshed, appreciated & pleased if everything is in it's new state of 'extra' tidiness.

How will you bless your DH today?

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