Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beach bums?


It's been so HOT this week...the only logical & INexpensive thing to do was the beach of course!

We've been going a couple times a week. I have been in the water more than ever & having so much fun. I can't say it enough. We are so blessed to live where we do. Seriously.

Last night was a youth event...a beach bonfire....It also happened to be DH day off....he dropped off some 'yutes' & then went to the pier to fish. He's always had this secret manly fishing fantasy. lol He caught a couple mackerel (??), which he brought home, cooked up & ate. He shared w/ the ktbunch, I politely declined. ;-)

Last week we saw a guy catch a shark! A long thin thing! Yikes!

Thursday, also his day off he took us to the beach....lots of swimming...S freaks me out because he goes so far's shallow far out but's SO far...& he dives right in to the waves & everything! We went to catch a movie but the theatre by the beach doesn't open until evening so we went & ate @ the end of the Pier @ a restaurant called Ruby's. It's a cute 50's style diner & they have great food & I bet a stunning view of the sunset, since they've got 2 stories & all windows that face out the end of the pier.

After that we drove towards home, to a theater in our area & saw Ratatouille...finally. It was 'cute' but personally, I could not get over the fact of RATS in the kitchen!!! EEEwwweeee! My DH used to be an exterminator you I know way too much about RATS to ever think they are 'cute'! lol

I did my 1st 'triathlon training' the other day. We went to the 'flat beach', that's what my ktbunch calls the waveless beach. lol THere is a marked off swimming area, a very short sandy beach & calm water surrounded by a residential homes starting @ millionS of dollars. I swam for 11:33 min straight & let me tell you...WHEW! Do I have quite a ways to go. I was huffing & puffing.

It is not like running where you can slow down to jog or walk if you are tired...if you slow down your swimming, you're no longer swimming & you SINK! duh. lol It felt great though....there were elderly people lapping me...twice! but whatever. The water was a bit colder than the ocean beach..but once we got used to it...We saw a fish jump out of the water a few times. Oldest kept pointing small fish out to me but I refuse to look. I want to pretend I am NOT swimming in open water where 'wild life' actually live. Ok? He said he swam through a school of this situation ignorance is bliss. :-)


  1. Sounds fun! We've already been to the beach twice as many times this year as we were last year. (2 times, lol)

    Yesterday we went to Oceanside. We were at the beach for awhile and then we walked the pier... there's a Ruby's at the end of that, too, though we didn't eat there. We also saw a guy that caught something big from the pier, couldn't tell if it was some kind of a shark or ray. :)


  2. So glad you've gone and taken advantage of the beauty around you.

    Your pics are GREAT.

    :-) Susan

  3. Yeah, we love our beach too!


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