Monday, August 13, 2007


So I am finally back online....which means less time doing what I should be doing? Maybe...but maybe not.

This forced hiatus I think, possibly, could have, might have broken my addiction? Or tempered it? We'll's a CHOICE.

I have been having such a wonderful summer, really, amazingly.

Maybe cause last year was weird....Grandma dying @ the beginning of summer in June after being really sick for a few months, then mom's official diagnosis @ the end of summer, after a few weeks of questions...which led into a mere couple months of you know what...

I said it out loud this weekend...I am training for a TRIATHLON! Of course everyone asked me "which one" so maybe I should bite the bullet & actually commit to one hanh?

The annual Perseids meteor shower debuted last night (or yesterday morning?) Oldest set his alarm for 2am but I was too wiped out...but it happens for a few I'll try to get a look tonight.

We've been playing hard this summer & I've got the tan to prove it. I'm vain, I love being tan even though I know it's not good for the skin. I DO slather on the sunblock. (on all of us) heck w/ aging gracefully. I'm over it. I love the outdoors. My dd has developed the most adorable freckles across the bridge of her nose & cheeks this season. I guess she'll be the 'white' one of the bunch. YES, I really do slather on sunblock...even on our scalps, especially for dd & I!!!!

I love school supplies & school supply sales...but it brings such a sadness too. Why can't they start in September? kwim? {sigh}

September 7th is the opening day of the Fair....admission is only $1. I've marked my calender. You don't know if you win anything unless you go to the fair or when you pick up your entries. I've got 5 entries so I am excited. I just want to see them 'up there' on display. Who am I kidding?---A ribbon would be EXCITING!!! Of course I'd like to win/earn/be chosen to be given a ribbon! lol

A co-worker gave me a bag of gorgeous scraps & I've been plotting some 'quilt squares'. I've never made a 'real' quilt before...but I don't think it can be that hard...right? These fabric scraps are just gorgeous & I'm wondering if all the different patterns would be fabulous or too busy...only time will tell. Then maybe I can enter a quilt into the fair next year. ;-)

Can't wait to upload all my pix & share some visual snippets of our summer w/ you all (or you 2! lol).


  1. Hey, I'm still reading, Katy!

  2. So glad you're back. I've got a special award for you over at my place.


    :-) Susan


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