Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can I call them my 'sponsor'?

I had to go to "the house" tonight (when I knew he wouldn't be there) to get some school supplies. On the front porch was a package addessed to moi'!
My first thought was that someone had sent me a sympathy/care package or something. I couldn't get it open so I put it in the car to wait till I got back to my dad's house.
When I opened was a shoe box containing a BRAND NEW pair of hot looking running shoes! I still thought someone must've got them for me or something....but there was no note or tag or anything.
I vaguely remember filling out some form online & putting my shoes maybe it was a promo for a new pair of shoes & I forgot about it!! They look SO COOL, just like the picture, but the orange on the soles are PINK on mine! They sell from thier site for $74.99 & I totally needed a new pair of running shoes!
They are from . They are extra cushiony, which make my ankles look WIDE & they don't feel too supportive on the arch, but I'll try them out tomorrow to know for sure...they sure do look great though, don't they?

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