Saturday, September 22, 2007

@ Carrows, we care!

A sil tm me this evening that she, mil & fil would like me & the ktbunch to go out to eat manana @ Carrows. I asked the ktbunch if they wanted to go---sure, of course! :-) They love their grandparents & aunties (& uncles on my side).

S asks if his dad is going to be there...he wants him there....ugh. So I tm sil that & she says she will invite him if we want.

No, it's not what I want...but what choice do I have? {sigh}

We were out today & E called, asked to speak to the kids....I hand the phone to L & ask her if she wants to talk to her dad...she says NO. I say: are you sure & she shakes her finger no & says, yes I am sure.

Ern of course said no...S said yes. Then while S was on the phone, he asked his brother & sister again & again they said no. :(

L...she has fun & will play w/ her dad when they 'visit' (I hate that term) but she is refusing to speak to him on the phone. She did this the other night too. I had forgotten to tell them that their dad had called while they were gone...S was already asleep but I let L know that her dad called & if she wanted to call him back. She said: no, he's rude to you. I responded, well all you need to know is that your dad loves you very much. Would you like to talk to him? Again she said: No, he is rude.

I HAVE to keep reminding them how much thier dad 'loves' them, whether I believe it or not does not matter. PLUS...until we have a court order settled...anything I say to them can be misconstrued, therefore it is practically illegal for me to say ANYthing that might be perceived as 'negative' about thier father. {eye roll}

S thinks his dad is a Christian again because he is 'being nice' again. {major eye roll} I can't really talk about what a real Christian looks like @ this point. bummer. I tried to ask him what the Bible said about providing for your family & acting lovingly to your wife & if he has seen that. kwim? He says, well I think dad is a Christian now because he is acting nice again.

My heart breaks that he thinks THAT is Christianity! kwim? ouch!!

Woke up to rain today so no run...regret that. The chilly change in weather had thrown my body into a premature hibernation state I think. lol All I want to do is eat, curl myself up into a ball & cry myself to sleep.

I TM E tonight congratulating him on his current 'cagematch' (improv) wins, that I knew he would & I was sorry I had to miss them. He had insisted (before everything went down) that I *not* attend, stating he did NOT want ANY of his friends there OR me.....That was really hurtful & more so when I found out he had REALLY invited ALL of our friends. :(

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  1. Kt, I know how that feels. About the part where H says he doesn't want you at so and so place. That no one is going except him. Then to find out, you were the only one who DIDN'T go. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I really am.



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