Monday, November 5, 2007

He's back.

It's a PRAISE report right?

I knew he was headed in this direction...but there was still that tug of war within him.
For my own sanity & emotional health I HAD to cut off ALL contact w/ him last Saturday.

He was still talking/communicating w/ her and I made it clear I was NOT gonna 'share'.
I had to show some self-respect for myself & draw the line.

He called a few times over the weekend & I had the ktbunch answer & talk to him. He asked to speak to me but I refused. It was NOT easy.

Today...he called again this morning, I did the same thing. He TM me 4x, one asking me to go out w/ him on Saturday. I ignored them.

Then he called again & specefically asked for ME. I was gonna hang up on him, again....but I took the call.

He's sorry, he's concerned for his soul. {I'll accept that as a very valid concern}
I'll spare you the extraneous details....he's agrees individual & marital counseling is in order----for starters.

The real work now begins...but work is much easier to tolerate when you are all on the same team. ;-)

I am filled w/ mixed feelings of relief & trepidation, naturally.
But they are different feelings & require me to continue to fully rely on God, as I have been.
Trust is no easy thing to regain after something like this---but as before, my trust is in God.
I won't play detective or PI.
I refuse.
It's on the honor system---think what you will.

Now prayers are coveted for healing & full restoration...for our entire family not just he & I.


  1. Thanks so much for the update, Katy. It's so encouraging to hear that things are heading in a better direction. I'm still praying, and God's still there every step of the way with you, even if it's 2 steps back for every step forward.

    (((Hugs & LOVE)))

  2. I am glad he's coming around. I really am. It is hard to find people willing to do the work (and hard work it is) to stay married. It's amazing what God can do!

    Mucho love,

  3. Praying for you guys and the Ktbunch.

  4. I always say love is the easy part; it's the marriage that takes work. Just respect yoursef, not only as a wife or mother, but as a woman. I believe in the vows we take on our wedding day. Better or worse, til the end. I trust in love. I know he violated his commit to you, but your love for one another will conquer all. Try not to look too far ahead, just get through 24 hours at a time. Everything will be okay. Trust in what your heart tells you.


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