Friday, November 30, 2007

Our day in Court....


Do you realize what a MIRACLE this is?

Today was the date of our schedule Divorce/child custody-visitation/support hearing!

How hard & long I prayed, literally on my KNEES, (many times w/ my face to the floor!) for this NOT to happen!

So many times I wasn't sure what the future would hold or IF my prayers really would be answered as I hoped they would.

The battle is not over, I know...but this is SUCH a major victory. And I know that no matter what, God was w/ me & will continue to be w/ me & my family.

I KNOW He would NOT bring me here only to leave me alone now, He wouldn't bring me this far, to abandon me now.

And the battle that is raging not between my DH & I anymore (if it ever really was), but now we are fighting together, side by side, for our family, our marriage & our lives. kwim?

So many times & instances I saw w/ my very own eyes how impossible this situation was. As much as I hoped & prayed, I couldn't imagine being here now. SO much to over come....

Early on a prayer warrior assured me: God is a God of impossibilities! I'm here to testify how true that is! If you knew everything I really went through, what I saw w/ my very own eyes, what I heard, things that were said to would never believe it either, that my family is able to be together now.

I must also confess that this 'forgiveness business' & 'reconciliation' is no easy task either. I couldn't imagine how *I* would ever survive much less over come this situation within my own heart.

But I clung (for dear life) to God's word & the promises He gave to ME. Lean not on your own understanding....

Mere words will never convey the joy & greatfulness I feel right now & owe to my merciful God. But I hope to have the opportunity to share it w/ any & all who are willing to hear. :D


  1. Reading this just made my night!

  2. Isn't God so wonderful?!?!?!!!

  3. Katy, what a remarkable journey you've been on. All praise and glory be to God. Your post made me cry.


  4. Praise be to God!!!!

    I will continue to be on my knees for you all. :) Hallelujah!!


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