Sunday, November 25, 2007

so much to little time...

WHAT is the deal?

For some reason I have had plenty to blog & virtually NO time to do it! ;(

I absolutely HATE that.

What have I been doing w/ all my time? I have NO idea!
My bedroom is STILL NOT fully painted (I did work a bit on it today, one wall of trim), my bathroom still has one side w/o the trim molding & neither has the switchplates back on.

My living room, kitchen, bathroom & bedroom have been consistently tidy, so that is a plus.

I've got lots of pix to share too.....I'll have to do it retroactively because I just can't stand to have posts OUT of chronological order. lol

AND w/ "all" that has happened & been happening in my day to day life, I have gone back to handwritten journaling & it seems if I use my 'words' that way, there is no desire or mental energy left to 'blog'. Does that make sense? I think a person who writes consistently, would understand that feeling....maybe?

I've got a trip to Tom's Farms, a great playground, a trip Dh & I just took to Vegas, not to mention Thanksgiving. Check back, if you're a regular reader for some retroactive posting. lol

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  1. Oh, KT!! Tom's Farms isn't too far from me! Swing by next time! ;)

    And I do understand about "using your words up".


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