Sunday, December 23, 2007


Last night was the BIG night....the littles didn't know but this was one of their BIG Christmas gifts...I told them we were going to a surprise & they had to DRESS up!!
We got the heart of Hollywood...FABULOUS! Lights everywhere, lots of people, street performers, batman, spiderman, John Wayne, Cinderella, you pay them like a buck or something & you can take pix w/ them. I didn't have cash nor the time for that. Grauman's (sp?) Chinese theater is right there & Disney's El Capitan theatre lots of good energy, tourists ect.
We go in & we let the kids know what is up. Sam's face drops in good wonderment. L is like whatever & E doesn't care cause he's SICK of HSM! lol We were listening to the soundtrack all the way there. lol I explain to them that you 'dress up' when you go to the theater....BUT there is a family right in front of us & the teens are wearing Victoria Secret SWEATS!!!! SOOO tacky!!!! BUT I noticed plenty of other families that knew what was up & they were all dressed up too.....there were plenty of other little girls that looked so cute all dressed up. lol
We weren't in the total ghetto seat/section, but one level below, still high up but not nosebleeds...but whatever. It was so cute to see S & L singing along. S seemed mesmerized by the whole thing. I wasn't so impressed but it was good enough. Dh & I saw Beauty & the Beast years ago onstage & that was really good. The story line is just a BIT different than the was nice & fun. Lil E said he liked it better than the movie anyway.

We went to eat @ California Pizza Kitchen afterwards, there in the could see the Hollywood sign from there but for some reason it was NOT lit up. But all around were gigantic, fabulously lit & decorated Christmas trees & poinsettias. Dh's Improv school/theater/bar is right down the street (located on the walk of fame, btw) I never even noticed cause we walk down some back alleys to get there....but all this time we've been right down the street from ALL the action. lol Wicked (I hope we can get a chance to see it sometime) is also playing right down the street---so there were plenty of dressed up people along w/ tourists.

This was a special night for me because *I* had ordered these tix while we were STILL separated, we had gotten into a HUGE 2 hour FIGHT over the phone, VERY ugly.....then later I came across this show & thought I BETTER call him first---1) so he can help pay for them & 2) cause I don't know who's weekend it will be or anything, by then...then in true jekyll & hyde fashion, he was agreeable & invited himself. Which I thought was SO crazy!

I wondered HOW in the world it would play out that day (which was over 2 months away @ the time), thinking he'd still be w/ ____ & she'd try & be mature & not care cause it's "for the kids" (eyeroll) & I wondered if we'd sit on opposite ends of the row or what, we'd obviously HAVE to ride together---& I HOPED it would just be a NICE time, a 'family date' & maybe it would REMIND HIM of OUR FAMILY & US, as in old times...kwim?

So it was such a joy for me to be here on this family outing & we actually ARE still a family. :-D

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  1. I love this story, KT! What a precious memory you made at this show. DH and I were so disappointed when we were in NYC and people didn't dress up for shows. When we saw Wicked...which you KNOW you MUST go see....there were people there in ratty jeans! I was sickened by it.

    Have a fabulous week! Hope your Christmas was blessed.

    :-) Susan


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