Monday, December 17, 2007

You know I've ALWAYS loved Mondays.....


What a wonderful day to wake up more art class, no more Lego League, no more play rehearsal...JUST Christmas..... & laundry, dust, dishes, need shampoo & toilet paper ect. Regular life.

I did have a nice tidy living room earlier in the day but now....there is laundry piled up & we didn't get a chance to chase out the dustbunnies yet...I thought I'd end up doing some holiday baking, sigh, but no. We DID decorate our gingerbread house though & i think it looks SWEET! ;-) No pix cause our camera is dying...but that's ok cause it was actually a gift to my DH from someone we'd rather not remember, right?

The play was a big hit, lots of compliments for ds & I both.

Lego league, not so hot but ds said he had fun. They had alot of unexpected technical difficulties; robot broke right before their robot design presentation & would not do any programs & then round 1 was immediately after & since the programs weren't working the robot couldn't accomplish hardly any 'missions'. Ds thought quickly under the pressure & set it to do a simple program of moving straight forward & that enabled them to @ least accomplish 1 mission. They received a low score but had time afterwards to reprogram it & their scores improved for the next 2 rounds.

Their project presentation was pretty lackluster. They created a wonderful website & although they could get net access outside, once they were in the presentation access. They could not show the judges the fruit of their labors. I felt bad for them but the other team member held her own & talked about the research they did @ least.

They got an award for 'Perseverance', which was nice....of course they were awarded it as SOON as we LEFT! lol We had to rush off to the play.

DH & I attended a Christmas party w/ one of his co-performers, after church. Very low key, but I am always a bit uncomfortable in those situations, where I don't know anyone.

The night before, after the play, we went to a late night movie. We saw, I am Legend, w/ Will Smith. I love WIll Smith. I thought the ending sucked, but the rest was really thrilling, LOTS of JUMP scenes & pretty tenseful anticipation through out. lol Even DH jumped quite a few times, I covered my eyes alot.

I actually braved the mall this evening....later than I would have liked so it got crowded....what are you gonna do? kwim?

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