Saturday, January 5, 2008


I'm still here, still love writing...but haven't been---NO good reason---just haven't.

Adventures still abound---went hiking last week in the Angeles National Forest--great bonding (?) time w/ the ktbunch & all (& I sincerely mean ALL). Good times & good pix.

New Years is naturally a time of reflection...&...looking forward...right?

There is plenty in my life that I would rather NOT reflect on. iykwim. That's why my blog is mainly pleasant, w/ bits & pieces, of sometimes harsh reality thrown in. I'm not trying to hide reality or who I am really am, but rather purposely affecting what I focus on. I was looking through my archives...I noticed I completely glossed over New Years Eve 2006---it existed, I remember it fully, I have pix saved on my puter, but there is no mention of it here. It was not a particularly happy occasion & I purposely did not write about it.

I honestly can't say it was my worst year ever...I haven't had a 'worst' yet...because it can always be worse....Nor have I had the best yet either...because so many moments are better & better.

We can't change the past, we can only affect how we react to it. Reactions are important.

I am not the same person this year that I was last year.
I will not be the same person this year that I was 2 years ago.

Did you know you have an entirely body every 7 years? Your skin is completley replaced, entirely new, every 7 years.

I am a new person, part by force & part by choice.

I am purposefully making changes within myself, changes in my thinking, changes mainly in my assertiveness. I do not have to 'settle' any longer & I refuse too...although 'settling' IS comfortable of course. Aren't most habits? Comfortable, I mean.

After my mom died, I was changed. You would think anyone would be right? but I see some around me, stuck, seemingly UNchanged, living the same way, exactly as they did before. I guess I could do that too, if I wanted to.....or could I?

I was changed anyway. I would no longer wait around, to live as I wanted. Afraid or not, *I* could do things, I would do things. Life has limits but I would live within my limits, no excuses, I would still live.

Of course, there were other things that have changed me. Heartbreaks...but it's part of living...& loving. Risk. I'm not afraid to take risks, in life or love. I only know how to love fully. I think it's part of living fully.

This year...this year holds the promise of many more adventures to come. My life is my adventure. I'm not waiting for it. I'm living it, right here, right now. In my neighborhood, in my state, in my home.

There are books to be read, bikes to ride, races to run, trails to hike, creeks to cross, cakes to bake, patterns to crochet, skills to learn, lessons to be taught, muffins to mix & laughter to be all.

We only have one past but our futures are unlimited.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, my friend.
    Here's to your "new self!" Cheers!

  2. PS - love the new look

  3. Great job, KT! I agree that we sometimes omit stuff on our blogs or in our journals.

    Hugs to you,



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