Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm still Married....

Maybe by the skin of my teeth?

I think I might've deleted a bunch of married musing blogs after mine fell apart....figuring what right do I have to blog about marriage---I obviously know NOTHING, right?

I thought I was doing a good job, being a good wife.

SOOooooo how does something like 'this' happen....? Again? {sigh}

I've realized, even more, it was NOT a lacking on MY part. It was a lack on HIS.

Irregardless, *I* still believe in my vows, my covenant, w/ him, w/ God. I meant it, I still mean it.

I know it won't be easy...God is my strength.

I am still married & I know what it takes to stay married, @ least from MY pov.
I DO have some experience in this arena.....:-)

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  1. Just got to this blog, girl. I"m praying for you. Ever need to chat, let me know.


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