Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to 'normal'....

I'd say it's fairly obvious my life is pretty much back to normal...check this out:

During the service Sunday was towards the end, time for prayer, communion & worship...time that I love to just come before the Lord & lay down my heart.

I went up for prayer first & my friend prayed for me. That was good...Then I went to the 'altar' which is the stairs @ the base of the stage, to kneel before the Lord, pray & take communion. My heart was HEAVY (the day before I had been really depressed) & I felt pretty broken & depleted....2 different friends actually came & prayed for me while I was there & I could barely pray...just sobbing horrendously before the Lord.

After my friend's prayers I finally felt lighter & @ peace. I turned to stand up & CRACK! I knocked my head HARD on the acrylic podium!!!!

Naturally I laughed it off jic anyone saw but figured no one did. I made eye contact w/ oldest ds & KNEW he SAW & he kinda laughed WITH me! lol

I grabbed my aching head & went back to my seat.....but it was REALLY hurting & I could feel a knot forming pretty fast...I leaned over to ds & whispered I was going to the restroom to put some cold water on it & I had a tissue against it & looked & there was BLOOD on it! I was BLEEDING!

Can you believe that?
Church can be DANGEROUS! lol
THEN-----in case you can't tell from how I post, I am very facially expressive...well every time after that I naturally raised my eyebrows, it was like BOTOX!!! I had to make an effort to remain pretty facially emotionless or else get stabbing pain in my head!

SO OF COURSE I was telling everyone after church! & of course no one had even noticed. lol AND when it happened, I got that little pity party feeling & wanted to TM DH---(he was @ a show) "come back, I hit my head & it hurts & I'm BLEEDING!" {in the whiny voice, kwim?}


But STILL hurts if I barely even touch it, like to put on make-up. But it DID crack me up & it made everyone else laugh too.{when I relayed the story} & it made me think either Satan was attacking me OR God knows I have a good sense of humor & thought I'd find it somewhat humorous & be able to bless others w/ my story telling skills! lolololololol

OH & THEN (yep, it gets better!) after church, I take the kiddos to InnOut every Sunday so we drive there & it is past our house...I am in the drive through lane long enough for a customer to pull in behind me when I realize I do NOT have my wallet! SO I had to jump out & ask the guy behind me if he wouldn't mind reversing to allow me OUT of the drive thru! lolololol

Thank God I hadn't placed my order yet & that there was ONLY 1 person behind me when I realized! life is ALWAYS adventurous!

Oh! There's more! Today we took the littles to D-land while oldest was @ art class. It got pretty cold pretty fast so we found a spot that served hot drinks. We ordered a hot cocoa for the littles & I got a hot tea. A BIG cup of HOT tea. We were just relaxing & somehow I moved & knocked my BIG cup of HOT tea all over myself & my favorite PINK coat! Wet clothes were NO fun since it was so cold.....& DH wanted to take a picture of me because he thought it looked SO funny because it seriously looked like I had PEED my pants!

I only think his response is slightly funny. :-/

The adventure NEVER stops w/ the ktbunch! :-D

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