Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did you see it?

We were driving home & noticed the moon had this orange tinge to most of it except a sliver of bright white.

"Look @ the moon!
Were we supposed to have an eclipse tonight?
I think it's an eclipse!
It looks like an eclipse!"

It was really cool & I'm glad I noticed it. There was barely a sliver, seriously, left.

We rushed out of the car when we got home & told lil e to hurry & set up his telescope so we could get a better look. That is how he got that picture...he put the camera up to the telescope lens (the viewing part) & captured it. Cool hanh? ;-)

We were blessed w/ an exceptionally clear night & the moon wasn't even too high yet!

It was mere minutes before it was fully 'eclipsed' & no bright white was left. The moon was completely orange, shadowed by the earth.

It wasn't long before the entire thing was over completely & the moon was back to it's bright self. I googled it later & found an article about it, confirming it was indeed an eclipse. The LAST lunar eclipse until 2010!

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