Friday, February 29, 2008

Time to BREAK Fast!

Today officially ends the 28 day Fast we were doing w/ our church.
I chose to fast sugar & desserts.

It was after midnight last night & I was up w/ DH. I had made cupcakes & realized I could have one if I wanted too.

Well I could always have eaten anything I chose to, sugary or not, but I chose not too, not that I couldn't, but that I was choosing not too.

So ANYWAY...on the physical front, it was NBD. I ate ONE cupcake, whereas in the past I might've eaten way more. & it wasn't even THAT satisfying. I am glad because I do think I was having some addiction issues w/ sugar. So funny thing, you choose to do w/o for a specified amount of time, something that takes a sacrifice to do w/o & in the end, if you stick to it, you realize that sacrifice you made, of that important thing, is now not so important. kwim?

Funny how that works hanh?

I am thinking I might cut out something else for this month.....

Valentine's came & went...I still refrained. However, I also still baked. I made cookies & cupcakes & heart shaped cakes. & did not have not one bite. lol

Which btw, leads me to a new found hobby? I have always loved to bake & recently I bought this small tool set from Michael's Arts & crafts store. It's for decorating cupcakes, it contains 4 decorating tips & bags for icing. WOW! What a difference a decorating tip makes!

Cupcakes are so simple & I love how icing then adding some sprinkles really fancies things up...but add a decorator tip to some icing & WOW! It doesn't take much to look impressive. lol

I got a bunch of silicone bakeware on Valentine's clearance. Heart shaped Wilton miniature cupcake pan, heart shaped Wilton cupcake cups & basic round cupcake cups. I know some people don't like the idea of using silicone but *I* don't have a problem w/ them. The cupcakes pop right out SO easily! I LOVE it! The heart shapes produce more of a triangle shape but that's ok. ;-)

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