Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter was nice.

We slept in, as usual. We spent the afternoon @ Sil's parents home. They had a bar-b-q, egg hunt, potato sack races ect. All the kids eggs had money I think.

We also had a 'grown-up' egg hunt. Besides 150 colored plastic eggs, it also contained 2 GOLDEN EGGS. One containing $150 & one containing $100! DH did not believe me when I told him this was serious business. Needless to say he ended up w/ NO eggs! I ended up w/ 2 eggs totally $2.35! lololololol Oldest ds also ended up w/ 2 eggs. heehee!

Church was nice. We had an artistic service, as usual, but still a bit different. Oldest made a sketch representing what Easter means to him, today. He went on stage to speak about it briefly & i felt so proud of him. The boldness & articulation he displayed....I almost wanted to cry looking @ this tall, 15 yo boy, almost a grown man!

It was a stunning sketch, btw, very eye catching. It appears to be a simple still life @ first, but it's not (there's no table, i gave him a hard time about that. lol) . It's more like a 'vision'. iykwim.

Sorry the pic doesn't do it justice.

We also attended the Good Friday service. Dh was still working so he missed it. @ one point they invite you to write your 'sin' on a sticky note, something you really want to let go of and/or overcome this year/season, & then stick it on the cross. All the ktbunch sat in service w/ me. I thought it was so cute when my S started to write his 'sin' on the note. He asked me to finish writing it for him & it said: being mean to my sister. The sincerity of his heart was touching.

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