Monday, March 24, 2008

More hiking....

We have been SO blessed w/ such gorgeous weather lately! We went up to Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel River & took a short hike & the guys tried to catch some fish. We could see the fish jumping out of the water so we know they were there, but they weren't biting!
The littles dipped their feet in the water a bit. They said it was freezing! We plunged our water bottles in the water for later & they were nice & refreshingly extra cool by the time we drank them. lol I caught up on some Bible reading. That was nice.
@ one point, while the guys were pursuing the fish, I took the littles on the other side for a short hike & some rock climbing. It was amazing to see my dd, so self sufficient & the self-confidence she displayed, being capable of climbing these boulders & rocks pretty much on her own! Then to take off running down a trail she had never been on before, slip & catch herself & continue on her way!
We tried to cross the river (creek @ that point) but I knew I could not do it alone w/ the 2 littles. It was too wide between the rocks. S insisted that we could cross it. We went back & he insisted to his dad that they could get across. So he & oldest went back w/ them.
As a mother, it was so rewarding to see my oldest & middle (S) work together to find & make a way across that water! Oldest grabbed & carried a long branch/log to the water & made a way for them to cross half way then moved it from the half way point to the other side & they made it across. Dh got across w/ Birdy, another way.
Funny thing though.....they could NOT get BACK the way they came. As hard as they tried, it seemed impossible...hhhmmm...WHO had warned them? lol
obviously they eventually figured out something, but I'm pretty sure it involved some soaking wet shoes & socks!
Good times!

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  1. lol..first off we must be thinking alike. Your last sentences is the same as the blog that I JUST posted. LOL!!

    Second - beautiful pics. LOVE them. This weather has been awesome. Glad you guys got a chance to get out and enjoy it too!!


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