Friday, March 28, 2008

I really AM EDUCATED!!!

I had an appointment yesterday @ the college to speak to a counselor about joining the Paralegal Certificate program......I knew I needed an AA degree in order to join. I figured MAYBE I had met it by the few Gen Ed classes I had taken @ the University after I transferred.....BUT I asked her: JIC, what classes would I STILL need?

She checked everything & was like: I think you may have ALREADY earned your AA!!! (w/o even having my U transcripts!) She went to talk to someone, an 'evaluator' & came back w/ "GOOD NEWS"! Told me to fill out the top of this request form...the AA Degree application....I most certainly DID earn 10 YEARS ago!!!!

I thought I probably did once I got to U...but now I think I vaguely remember they (the community/junior college) had mentioned to me that I had earned it if I wanted to go through the ceremony & all but *I* was in a rush to just be OUT of "Junior College" so I didn't value it @ all & said, NAH!

But I most certainly value it NOW!!!!! AND if I start immediately (summer session) & go consistently I will ONLY have to take 21 units (ONLY 7 classes!!!) to earn my ABA (American Bar Association) Aprroved cert! In the FALL the requirements will go UP....meaning MORE class requirements! It's best I start THIS summer.

I am SO excited & extra proud of myself! Yay me!!! I walked out, my SHOE broke!!!! I had to walk home kinda limping w/ one shoe w/ a full heel & the other w/ only the top flap of the heel!!! Embarrassingly Hilarious...just proving my life is most certainly BACK to NORMAL! lolol And I thought God was humbling me jic I be 'puffed up' w/ pride! lol

I wanted to CRY for a moment when that happened......but whatever. I'm funny & I can totally LAUGH about it now.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! You college GRAD you! :)


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