Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm sleeping on the COUCH!!!!

Not for what you may think though.

Since the nightmare, I threw out my mattresses first thing...& have been using an aerobed air mattress (which has held up quite well, PTL). But I believe that day has come to an end. The air mattress has had it! It hasn't popped & is still holding in all the air...but you know those indentations that air mattresses have? well, they are coming apart. Really. One corner of the air mattress is now a huge bubble!

The other night I kept being awaked by a thud that shook the bed. We have wood floors so I thought one of the littles fell out of bed. Nope, it was the mattress, bursting the indentations.

I've already been having insomnia for about a week or so feels like forever anyway. So this made it all the worse.

Last night we finally gave up & just slept on the couch. Well *I* slept on the couch & DH slept on the floor. lol

I was awake around 6:30 am & thought I should probably just start taking advantage of that awake time & go for a run...but I didn't. I regret it. When I woke up again later, I felt way too tired! sigh.

maybe later........

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  1. Oh no. I hope you're able to get a new mattress soon.

    I enjoyed your pics below. Looks like great fun.




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