Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life is NOT like the movies!!!

I am having a HARD time processing something that happened recently, for a few different reasons.

DH was @ his parents home, a city over, about 12 min away, the other day, Monday evening to be exact.

A woman was shot & eventually died. DH & his family heard the gun shots, then DH witnessed a car speed by then a van slowly roll past his parents home. He figured the driver was 'ducking for cover' & didn't reallize it was safe to get up.

He ran out to alert her that it was ok except she was slouched over, all the doors were locked so he couldn't get in to hit the brake or anything. The van soon came to a stop when it hit another parked car.

Finally someone got the doors open & Dh noticed blood dripping down her right arm & her left arm was turning blue & she was unconcsious. He checked & she still had a pulse. There was also an infant in the backseat crying & the back window was shattered.

Her 'baby daddy' was too busy on the phone calling his 'homies' than try & get into the van or tend to his 'baby momma' of his baby! (he had been driving another car)

A 'bystander' instructed everyone to NOT touch the victim, to wait for the police. Eventually they arrived then THEY instructed everyone to keep their hands OUT of their pockets AND that the paramedics would NOT arrive UNTIL the scene was 'secure'.

Eventually they arrived.......

The police interviewed everyone, right? The baby daddy was no where to be seen by the time the police arrived....& it wasn't UNTIL they interviewed DH, did they find out there had been a BABY in the van!!!!!!!!!

That's all the story I'm willing to share @ this point.

I think I am MORE bothered by the people's reactions than by what actually happened.

An entire neighborhood & NO ONE knows what happened or saw anything & YET everyone seems to know who did it!!! A woman is shot & near death & NO ONE tells the police there was a BABY in the car!!!!

And WHAT is w/ the police saying the paramedics WON'T arrive @ the scene unless it is secure? A woman lay bleeding to that the new paramedic motto? Not until the scene is secure!

DH said he freaked out when he saw all the's not like the movies right? Even HE thought they should 'apply pressure' & yet someone is telling everyone NOT to do anything?

Would that same person say that if it was HIS daughter? or wife? or son?

And what were the police doing for the woman while they were 'securing the scene'? Nothing!

And I CAN'T HELP but question if this same situation would have played out like this in ANOTHER city or better neighborhood?

Would the police have helped the woman if she was in another city or better neighborhood?

Are even THEY so desensitized that they allow a woman to lay bleeding to death & do NOTHING!!!!!

I've got to come back to this........


  1. Woah! That's crazy! Yeah, it's sad that you can't even help someone. And that no one is willing to 'get involved.' At least your DH tried to help. Even if he was stopped.

    Praying here. Keep us updated. :)

    Happy Easter! :)

  2. How sad.
    That is crazy that E witnessed all of that. wow. That would be hard.


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