Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First day on the job!

Oh my WORD! It was great! I really enjoyed it...seeing the behind the scenes work that goes into it all. I mean what *I* did, personally, wasn't any big thrill or anything, but I LOVED it none the less. I just stood around then walked back & forth when they told us too....I MAY be seen in a few scenes or one or NONE. lol Not sure...I may just end up a BLUR! lol I heard someone say it was 'Episode 17'? I could tell you what the scenes were about, but by the time it airs It could be forgotten. lol

But OH. MY. WORD!!!! the FOOD was AMAZING!!!!

So it ONLY pays $8 an hour---BUT you don't have to buy breakfast, mid-way snacks or lunch (late lunch/early dinner). The morning started out w/ a breakfast spread, fully catered: huevos rancheros, OR omellette w/ your choice of turkey, ham, tomatoes, bell peppers, cheese, salsa, scallions, bacon, chorizo ect...WHATEVER you wanted!!! Or freshly made PANCAKES, or cold cereal or freshly made oatmeal, a great fresh fruit spread, bagels, toast...coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, tea water!!

Mouthwater!!! for sure!

Later, we finally took a break & there were bagels, fresh fruit, granola bars, special k bars, licorice, peanut butter & jelly drinks, croissant sandwiches & these 'wrap' things...then the guy in charge of us walks in & says: "Ok, so this isn't lunch, obviously...we'll all go eat lunch together after the 'crew'.

WHAT? I thought THAT WAS lunch!!!

About a half hour or so later we walk back to 'base camp' for lunch.


Yellow rice, grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes w/ ham, peas, grilled chicken breast, fish, beef, pasta w/ red sauce, pasta w/ white sauce, spinach salad, caeser salad, regular salad, cucumber salad, fresh fruit spread, rolls, other vegetables, brownies, cookie bars, apple pie, ICE CREAM!!! UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!!! Seriously! I was blown away! So what a cushy job!!!

It WAS a long day but it was cool. There were some not so nice people @ first...BUT mostly there were nice people. It seems to be a very SOCIABLE job too which was cool. Mainly the other extras were very friendly. Most of the 'crew' were friendly/nice too.

It was neat to see the director & the actors. A few minutes on tape was shot SO.MANY.TIMES!!! Walking back & forth is what I did...after standing around for what seemed like FOREVER....EVERYONE getting paid to STAND around!!! Totally ridiculous!! So...I could do this EVERY day...however, I don't want to be leaving the ktbunch so much, & definitely NOT everyday....I think I can handle 1 day a week if it is NOT on DH day off...OR 2x a week if one of them is on DH day off. And I left 1.5 hours early (to get there) jic but there was hardly any traffic, I did NOT get lost or anything so it was totally coolio!!!

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