Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take the day OFF!

So I decided the ONLY way I am going to ever increase my mileage & get to my marathon goal is if I run more consistently. (yah DUH!) I've been having trouble doing that for the past few weeks/months & was becoming increasingly frustrated.

So instead of going out every OTHER day (which would turn into every 2-3 days) I took the plunge & made the commitment to get out EVERY day!!!!

It got hot & I didn't do very well, but I still did my 5 mi route, although I had to run/WALK it.
Then it cooled down & I still didn't do very well. Also I wanted to get out more to relieve some of the anger/resentment/negativity I have been feeling & increase the overall general wellness & positivity I feel after a run.

The other day I was angry & my run made me more angry & frustrated because it was not going well!!!

Well I had to skip yesterday since I 'worked'...but got up bright & early (HA!) today & headed out. I did the entire 5 mi, NON-STOP! A little slow BUT I do have to take into consideration the stop-lights I had to wait at. I don't stop running @ them though, I turn the corner & head back & forth until the light changes.

I don't see myself ever getting much faster...although there is still some slim hope because there is a 10 year time span of 'improvement' in running. lol So anyway my goal is mileage & endurance not speed. I may not get to a marathon THIS year but I know it would be super great, fun & exciting to run the Disneyland HALF this year! I think I can hit that goal since it is not until around September.

I think today's success was a combination of NOT running yesterday AND not doing the bleacher stairs, therefore conserving energy for the run instead. I DO love doing the stairs though & they give me an intense, but short, adrenaline & cardio shot!

So we'll see.....just.keep.moving!

Before I know it, it will be summertime again & I'll (WE'LL) be riding our bikes & swimming @ the beach too! YAY!


  1. Hello my dear niece! Wow! Working as an extra and running 5 mi a day, I admire how you keep going and going and going....kind of like an energizer bunny! lol! A divine energizer bunny I must say as your determination and ability to survive certainly come from the Lord. I wish more women would seek the answers the way you do - we might get back to that bygone era of living out our committments and making sacrifices for the glory of God and others instead of screaming PLEASE ME! YOU OWE ME! GIMME GIMMEE GIMMEE! the heck are you? Ready to have another birthday? #34 is it?

    I think of you often, though I don't get around to letting you know that. I need to get back to that bygone era of writing notes or phoning those I love I guess!

    Husband & I just celebrated our 20th anniversary last week. wow, how did that happen? 20 years?? hmmmm.....where does the time go?

    Well, I better get back to work but you have been on my mind so I finally had to stop and check in on you. You are truly a beautiful wonderful Godly woman and I'm sure His heart sings over you. I love you - give my love to the littles and to the rest of the fam. And I pray you have a wonderful b-day and God's blessings.

    luv from auntie in Oregon

  2. Hi Kt! First, I wanted to thank you for stoping by my blog and encouraging me about running. However, the lamentng you did in this particular post has me wondering how excited I should get about this whole running thing. LOL
    I don't know, sometimes I feel so stubborn about not wanting to run that I think God will put the desire to run in my heart, just to remind me He's God! *grin*
    And then, of course, there is the benefit of praying while I run and thinking, quite literally, of "running the race" with Him. See? He may just talk me into this idea yet!

  3. You are one busy busy lady!!




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