Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ok, ok...

So it all started w/ my birthday...sort of...

It was last Thursday, April 17th, the day mostly sucked! Missed my mom, triggered by memories of 'birthdays past'....My Dh & great children tried, they really did, but there was no over-coming it. I had been REALLY struggling w/ this 'anger' for a few weeks now, just building up within me & NO amount of running, stairs or hills, could over-come it.

I knew I needed something MORE, more prayer, something, but I didn't know what. I was frustrated & angry & frustrated over being angry...resentment for our current 'situation' was steadily increasing. I tried to fight it anyway I knew how, asking for extra prayer support, being in the Word & praying daily.

Well, I had heard of this related church that was BIG on healing prayer, generational prayer & overall prayer & more spiritual minded & they had a 'small group' meeting on Thursday nights about prayer. I KNEW I wanted to go. God had been revealing some deep roots within myself---I don't want to address too much of that here, now..

So the previous week I planned on attending but learned it was EOWeek...so I had to wait a week, ironically, ON my birthday!

I was really looking forward to it, while hoping & praying for a miracle.

Dh was supportive so later that evening, off we went.


I'll have to save most of the details for another post or I'd take up the entire page! lol But the group initially prayed for everyone, they went around the room & laid hands on everyone individually. The listened for God to lead their prayers. They spoke & prayed very encouraging words over Dh. I was almost jealous! lol

Keep in mind, we had never met these people....& they spoke things that I knew were from God because of the things they said & knew.

I was last & they spent extra time on me. That's what I was there for.

We took a dessert break :-) then they came back to me to work on the generational prayer.

So after everything....I felt so amazing! I can't really explain it but if I have to put it into words I can only describe it as a sense of lightness or as if a weight was lifted, although that is not really accurate. lol I know God still has some work to do within my heart, healing IS a process & takes time....but the spiritual jump & difference within my soul is indescribable.

The oppression I have been under is SO gone! A few people have been commenting on how different I look. It's crazy but I am so excited & over joyed.

The oppressive & negative feelings were so overwhelming. I can't even describe it & unless you've been in it, you may not understand. It was such a struggle each day to fight through these obsessive feelings of negativity! Now I sincerely feel so free. (I will post more details in my other blog when I have more time, there is LOTS!)

The next night was Friday & DH had an improv show. We invited every & anybody to join us to celebrate my b-day by going to the show. A couple friends were able to make it, Dh brought a cake. He was even SO sweet to give a shout out before the show & have the entire theater sing Happy Birthday to me. I couldn't stop smiling, during or after! Afterwards everyone joined us for cake! yummy chocolate cake!

Then we took a walk down Hollywood Blvd, w/ our friends, where we found an open place & enjoyed a giant slice of pizza! In retrospect, I think this was one of the BEST birthdays EVER!

My Yummyliscious Birthday Cake!

Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to me, again!

BTW: Dh got me the coolest watch ever, it keeps time & laps for running! What a sweetie hanh?

PS: & hey LOOK, I'm wearing a color OTHER than PINK! lol

THANKS to an E-friend who sent me a gift card for Target! ;-)


  1. I went through restoration! I loved it. It was so freeing! Yay for you! and Yay for freedom ! Praise God! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Sounds so exciting and freeing.




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