Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You might actually see me...

I had a late call this time, 5:00pm. I actually got a 'title': waitress. lol It was a tight shot, no I mean literally, not in the slang term sense indicating coolness. it took place in a diner & you have NO idea how much is BEHIND the camera. I know I didn't. Cables, cords, wires, black sheets, spot lights, over head & on the floor & people. Oh the people!

I had to deliver 2 plates of food while walking a virtual obstacle course & make it look natural. lol I'm JUST an 'extra' don't expect to actually see me, but it's possible. Or, you might just see my rump blur by. (eyeroll) that would be more my luck right?

I had to report to 'wardrobe' first thing. It's a long trailer filled w/ costumes...AND a nice looking stackable front loading washer & dryer! Seriously! Then off to the 'hair & make-up' trailer. I was almost intimidated. Their trailer is really nice. The woman who did my hair was friendly. Apparently I couldn't be trusted to do my OWN PONYTAIL! lol I was having a bad enough hair day as it was. Sorry the pic is kinda shabby. I took it w/ my camera phone @ the end of the night.
Then off to the holding area to wait, wait, wait & wait. Did I mention I was waiting? No food to be seen this time, bummer. There was food but it wasn't near our 'holding area' which was the diner we were actually going to be filming in. I worked on my crochet & chit-chatted w/ a few other extras who were also going to be in that particular scene, a chef, busboy & couple 'diner patrons'.
We were out of there by 10pm. Not too shabby. And during a break a cart came by w/ some delish vegetable soup & rolls. Extra yummyliscious cause I was cold & hungry. The show is Saving Grace on TNT. I think I heard someone mention this episode would be the season opener. Never heard of it so I looked it up, sounds a bit raunchy but stars Holly Hunter. She was very pretty IRL & extremely petite.
I was fascinated by all the STUFF behind the scenes. I mean literally stuff. So far I have been consistent w/ my one day a week plan. I may start doing more temporarily cause our pocket book could really use the boost.

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