Saturday, April 12, 2008

The ones that got away...

We went fishing tonight @ the pier.....

Unfortunately it seems only the *skates* were biting, *Round Rays* that is. They look like sting rays (but are known as 'skates' cause they don't have stingers. a google search produce these fun facts! ;-) ) & it seems each of the ktbunch caught one or two...I guess they REALLY enjoy squid! lol

me? Nooooooo. I don't/won't fish! Not my idea of fun & frolic. I find it rather boring too. That's why I bring a book or crochet & will sit patiently.

It was exciting when DH got something on his line that was VERY strong. it looked rather big from the water, but don't quote me because apparently, bystanders w/ OUT poles are not very reliable 'witnesses'.....I thought it was about 3 feet long, whatever it was...but dh, oldest ds & our friend seemed very sure it was @ least 4ft, maybe 6, then possibly as long as the bench we were sitting on, before we knew it it was a whale &then quite suredly a submarine! ;-)

I couldn't get pix of it to show, because it broke the line, of course & swam away, back into the blackness of the Pacific Ocean. It was quite exiting @ the moment & drew a crowd of onlookers that all gave a collective sigh of disappointment when the struggle was over & 'it' was gone.

AAhhhh....the adventures of fishing!

The underside of an amazing creature!

DH displaying the top side of ANOTHER amazing creation of God!

Dh was the official 'hook remover'!


I don't DO fishing! lol

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