Friday, April 11, 2008

Extra! Extra!

I officially joined an Extra (background) casting agency.

A friend & I went today & I was totally surprised to see it SO packed. my friend pointed out: well it IS an 'employment' agency. Lots of interesting & ordinary people. The actual process only took a few minutes overall, most of our time was spent standing in LINE!

I was quite intimidated by all the people, you know I don't like crowds.

We'll just have to wait & see what happens.

It cost $25 to register w/ them & that includes 1 digital picture they take & put in your file. You can include extra pix for $10 each. I only did one.

A few people literally looked like they were walking by & decided to stop in. Others were dressed up in specific character clothing & a couple guys were in suits. They had the men take a regular pic then one w/o their shirt! eeewwweee!

The application asks all these questions like measurements for everything, your skills & sports. i wasn't sure what to put for sports so initially I only wrote that I could run 5 miles, then I added I could ride a bike, swim, roller blade. They also ask for an age range, I did not know what to put there so I put 27-37, I was flattered (every bit helps right?) when the agent wrote in a 25 instead! lol

I am nervous about making that 1st call in but we'll just have to see what happens.
I am also not sure what direction God is taking me w/ all of this. Since I do have the ktbunch to be responsible for, it's not like I can realistically do this very much.

I'd like to get the ktbunch signed up (kids have a separate agency) but that will take some time as they sign up via appointment only, not just walk ins. Children get paid DOUBLE what adults get paid! Can you say college fund? lol

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