Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're Winners! Again...

Disney's latest campaign is: Year of a Million Dreams. They are granting 'dreams' every day.

Well, we've already won 2 times & today we won again! Today we 'won' an extra hour in the park! We were given a special lanyard w/ a giant pass on the end granting us an extra hours access in the park after closing time. Except we already knew we would be leaving early. lol

In the past we each won complimentary 5x7 pix from the photopass photographers within the park. Another time, we 'won' a 'Year of a Million Dreams' themed lanyard w/ 3 collectible pins! Very cool.

Since we knew we were leaving early, we decided to look for a family of 3 or 4 to pass them along to. Birdy said she really didn't want to give hers away so I said that was fine, we could find a family of 3 & save hers as a souvenir.

On our way out we spotted a fmaily of 3, but they were not going to stay until park closing time. Strike 1!

Then we saw a father & son on a bench. We asked them if it was just the 2 of them, yes! & were they staying until the park closed? yes! SO we offered them our special winning passes. The dad was very excited. greatful & appreciative. We wished them a fun evening & walked away.

Birdy said: I WANT to give mine away! Yah it was kinda like that! Exciting.

So we kept our eyes peeled for another twosie on our way out.

We spied a younger couple, but they had no idea how late they would be staying. Strike 2!

We were almost to the exit & spied an older couple. Was it just the 2 of them? yes. Were they staying until park closing? yes. Cool. So we offered them our special winning passes & they informed us they were w/ 4 others, therefore there were not enough but thanks anyway. Huh??? Guess they didn't understand the 1st question? lol Strike 3!

We were @ the exit...we took a few extra minutes to look for just the right couple.....we spotted them. What appeared to be a mother & tween daughter. We had to follow them a bit but we caught up & asked them our standard questions. Yes & yes! They were also SO excited & thankful. It was really FUN to give away those passes! We all left feeling very happy.

Prior to that we were having a very great & blessed day. The weather was nice already, not too hot, not too cold. The lines were short. We went on lots of rides in about 2 hours. We got in line for the Matterhorn Bobsleds & after only a few minutes, a 'cast member' near the front asked for a party of 3 or 4. We were a party of 4, so we got to skip ahead right to the front! woohoo!!!!! No waiting for us after all! lol

Another favorite, Big Thunder Railroad, we practically walked right on the line was so short.

We just love days like that! Don't you?

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