Saturday, June 7, 2008

I burned the cinnamon roll biscuits

I WANTED to be ANGRY!I WANTED to blame SOMEONE ELSE....& my kids were the onlies here....I WANTED to LASH out @ them....

BUT I told them to just NOT talk to it was a few moments of silence around here, as I 'scraped' away.Oldest ds tried to console me by saying I could just set out chips.He made the glaze & I poured it on & set them all in my lovely, fresh out of the box glass cake platter.Suddenly it didn't seem TOO bad, so I went to take a shower.

I felt better, grabbed a pretty pink dish & put trail mix in it. Then a lovely pink bowl & filled it w/ cheez-its, another lovely pink flowery bowl w/ the rest of the cheezits.
I TM DH to get some salsa, oh & then cups & ice.I set out the lovely blue flowery dessert plates that match the lovely flowery pink bowls.

All seemed well & I sat down w/ DD & began to SEW some dolls for a birthday party tomorrow. She chose the fabric, I sewed & she stuffed...a friend came over to pick something up & I BRAGGED to her how HARD my kiddos had worked to clean up our home today...then guests began to arrive.

Kiddos went to the room to play video games.
THen DH arrived w the salsa, cups, ice AND more chips, queso, chocolate chip cookies, veggie platter, wings & paper plates.He's a VERY generous host.

I'm glad I did NOT blame my kiddos. I'm glad I did NOT lash out @ them.
I'm glad that I CHOSE to do RIGHT today.

OH! & Dh said the cinnamon rolls were good & ate quite a few!

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