Friday, June 6, 2008

I'll be able to see soon.

Had an eye appointment yesterday. I guess we finally have some good coverage because I was able to get 2 pairs for $106 & some change.

Ok, I admit it, I couldn't decide, so I just ordered BOTH of them. lol I can't wait to get them. The assistant asked me if I knew what style I was looking for & I replied, yes, rectangular & cheap. But she was pretty good @ her job & kept steering me towards the 'name brand' eyewear, as I kept moving my way down the wall towards the 'cheaper' brands. Still not much cheaper than the name brand ones but like I said, our ins. covered pretty good.

The optometrist had just put some stinging drops in my eyes to activate them to 'dilate' & warned me I would not be able to see anything close up but distance would be fine. Nice. I could see myself trying on the glasses in the mirrors BUT trying to sign paperwork was a joke!

I hoped that the assistant was honest because I really, truly could NOT see a thing.

I do love the 2 pairs I picked out though & can't wait to get them. It was odd though, because they looked small until I would put them on then they looked huge in the mirror. I figured since I waited 4 YEARS to get them replaced, I could get 2 pair. You never know if/when you might break, lose or leave them in Ethiopia! ;-)

I got a rectangular pair like I wanted, then a bit 'funkier' pair that are a bit 'cat eye' in shape. I only need them to see farther, aka: I am near sighted. So it comes in handy when I am driving in a unfamiliar area & need to see street names, driving @ night, watching movies or tv. lol

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